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Small business owners...

• During times of crisis, consumers increase their use of local media.

• At the same time, many small business owners reduce their advertising spends.

• This creates an advertising “vacuum” opportunity for you to dominate your local market!
Marketing is always important to a business, but it's even more important in uncertain times.

Looking back at our country's history, including the 2008 recession, the businesses that continued to invest in marketing, even in these troubled times, were the ones that not only survived but thrived!
The businesses that stopped investing in marketing cut off the lifeblood to their business - they became invisible, leads stopped coming in, sales tanked, and they lost customers.

Most of these businesses were unable to dig themselves out of the hole when things got better.
Even for those businesses that have been forced to temporarily close their doors due to "stay at home" orders, a website and Social Media is the only connection to their customers and the community.
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