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Restaurants Locally Owned  and Operating...

in and around Madison, Jersey, Greene, Calhoun, and Macoupin Counties:

Amid the current situation, we are offering you full use of our Deals platform at no cost. Use this to pre-sell vouchers (gift cards) for future use.

In other words, your customers pay you now and redeem later (with or without) a discount after we get through this challenging time. It is our hope to help small businesses garner needed cashflow today!
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During the "Shelter-In-Place" we are offering local merchants use of our platform.
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Use our platform to
“gift cards.”


Emergency Cash Flow
For Local Merchants in

Riverbend | Granite City | Jersey County | Greene County

Click for sample:


Customers pre-pay you while the quarantine is in effect.
You decide when they redeem their discount vouchers.

This helps your cashflow!

It's like selling gift cards except nobody has to leave home and we do all the work!

Your customers
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How's it work?

Step 1. Decide on an offer

Step 2. We build your online offer on
todaysadvantagedeals.com to sell your discounted vouchers and we cover all the associated fees. We will advertise your offer like crazy!

Step 3. Your customers purchase vouchers and redeem them when you decide
e.g. after the quarantine.

Step 4.
 Weekly, you will receive your 90% share of revenue.

Current Deals: https://www.todaysadvantagedeals.com/all-deal/all-deals
Get started now!

What's it cost?

Nothing until you have a pre-paid customer. We hold back 10% to cover most of the costs to host and process your deals.

But, during this situation, we will even credit you back that amount toward future advertising.
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These are uncertain times. For sure!

Closing bars and restaurants and prohibiting even small gatherings could crush many local small businesses.

We're here to help you!

Take advantage of our Deals platform. (Groupon clone).
You get revenue now and you decide when your customers may redeem their voucher.

Your customers

You may decide to postpone redemption until after the quarantine.
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Why would RexEncore do this for no profit?

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Without you and your business, there is no RexEncore, AdVantage or Shoppers!

On the other side of this crisis, we hope to continue a relationship with you.

If there is anything else we can do to help you get through this, please tell us.

I'm in!

Get started now!

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