The number one reason anyone quits a company is because of his or her direct supervisor.

A better place to work

“I can’t stand my sales manager!”

Yeah, we hear you. We’ve had bad managers too.

The number one reason someone quits a company is because of his or her direct supervisor.

Nothing can deflate you as quickly as walking into your boss’ office with good news and the reply is,

“It would have been better if…”


“If it was me, I would have…”


“Next time, you should…”

So you purse your lips and go back to your safe place thinking, this SOB has no idea what (s)he is talking about. I’m the one breaking my back for this place.

We rescue superstar salesmen.

You deserve a sales manager who is
▪ competent
▪ empowering
▪ kind
▪ encouraging
▪ empathetic
▪ supportive
▪ appreciative
▪ motivating
▪ recognizing
▪ sober
▪ appropriate
▪ transparent
▪ correcting

A great sales manager will inspire you to achieve your goals.

No matter the reason for your bad boss, you need to think things through before you jump ship. Is the company you represent worth fighting for, or is this manager a reflection of other issues company-wide?

If the company has issues throughout – run away.

Run to AdVantage…

If the company is good but you are only having issues with your direct boss – try this:

Speak candidly to them. Remember, you are there to work and not necessarily make friends – but we all deserve respect.

If that doesn’t work, consider waiting it out – You are probably not the only employee having issues.

In the meantime, look around outside your company. In B2B sales there are still SO many amazing opportunities.

AdVantage has opportunities for you…

You should be in a workplace where it is a pleasure to go to work every day. Maybe even fun!

AdVantage salesmen get this treatment.

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