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We don't sell ads!

We reach customers!

You can "buy an ad" from anybody.

That's not what we do.

When you work with AdVantage, you should expect a 4:1 return on your advertising investment.

How do we do that?

With strategy.

You have all the knowledge you need about your business. It is our job to extract it from you and develop a custom strategy for you that is timely, effective, and profitable.

Otherwise, we're just sellin' ads.

No. Thank you.

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Turns out,
it is brain science!

We have been studying neuro-marketing
and consumer behavior for years.

Surprisingly, humans are quite simple.

When you learn our "theology" of marketing
and advertising, you will wonder, "why didn't I think of that?"

The truth is... you probably have!
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Traditional + Digital

Which advertising should l use?

Traditional print, TV and radio?

Or websites and social media?

The answer is...


There are two kinds of "SEARCH." Online Search and Offline Search. An aggressive merchant uses both but typically dominates one.

We recommend and use both.

If you are selling locally, the 2.6 billion Facebook users aren't much good to you.

However, using Facebook  and Google ads, we can target your marketing at locals who are shopping for what you offer.

With AdVantage print products, your marketing message is received by 100% of the local residents and thus 100% of your local target market. 
If you've read this far, you may as well make an appointment with us. Let's chat.
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All the above is great information but in business, the only thing that matters is profit.

Without it , you have no business.

Running a sale to lose money is a race to insolvency.

If your product or service is good, you never have to discount.

There are good reasons why your customers pay you for what you do.

We will build, execute and manage for you a custom, multi-media, marketing strategy based on your industry,  your geography, your target market and your seasonality.

Advertising is an investment, not a luxury. 
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